Our current range of workshops


Ad hoc correspondence
Offers users the opportunity to create and personalize documents at the processing stage.

Collects documents to optimize production: sorting, consistent layout, shared saving and printing. Documents from asynchronous processes are bundled together and processed jointly for postage optimization.

Allows designers, and not just IT staff, to create efficient forms in a familiar desktop environment.

ERP Connectivity Packs
Allows a direct connection to the most familiar ERP systems, including SAP®, Lawson and Infor.

Input formats (AFPIN & PDFIN)
Allows data to be imported in AFP and PDF format.

Composition Center
Straightforward creation of correspondence and monitoring of content and business regulations.

Correspondence Reviewer
Quality assurance of workflow-generated documents by an automatic, web-based process that makes it possible to check, modify, approve or reject customer-related correspondence.

Makes it possible to review, open and reproduce created documents in seconds.

Production Monitor
Monitors, optimizes and controls document production.

Creation of customer-specific barcodes or Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and labels.


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