Digital Lab & Analytics

Innovative solutions in the digital age? How do you find innovations that really offer you and your customers added value? These are precisely the issues that we address. In doing so, we develop ideas with you and put them into practice immediately.

The building blocks for your success in the age of digitization:

Business Intelligence & Analytics
BI & Analytics is becoming ever more important in the context of digitization.

Data engineering, data as an asset and big data are more than just buzzwords for us. We see this technology as an “enabler” for generating real added value.

Our portfolio of services in this area comprises:

  • SAP HANA & Cloud for Analytics
  • SAP BI Frontends (Design Studio, Lumira, Web Intelligence etc.)
  • SAS Analytics
  • Data engineering and data analyses
  • Integrated reporting concepts
  • BI architecture and strategy
  • Introduction to the BI Competency Center
Digital Lab - our product forge
Do you already have an idea that you would like to turn into reality?

In our product forge, the Digital Lab, we would like to support you along the way to producing a working prototype quickly.

In doing so, we use the latest technology and development methods, and pursue an approach of “generating customer experience” in order to test ideas directly on customers. Our focus is on the Hana Cloud Platform, mobile technology, web technology and classical ABAP/ABAP OO development.

Based on these technologies, we are able to off you a complete solution under one roof with Q-4-Smartnet. Q-4-Smarnet (link to Q-4-Smartnet) is our response to the Internet of Things.

With our Design Thinking Center, we also offer you not just pure technology, but also the appropriate environment in which to achieve your objectives as quickly as possible. Pay a visit to our Design Thinking Center or let our experts come to you.

Digital transformation
Digitization has long since become more than just a trendy word.

Future generations will live digitally and digitization has already reached your customers. We will work with you to assess your customers’ expectations and the position they are currently in. We will provide support during the implementation phase, highlighting new opportunities and avenues.

Specifically we focus on finding answers to the following questions:

Digital Checkup
How digital are your customers now? What added value does digitization offer you and where will new areas of business open up?
IT architecture
New requirements of the digital age – what does that mean for you?
Project implementation
Operationalization of the digital transformation – what must be done in practical terms?


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