Smart solutions are required to map an Internet of Things in order to process and analyze the data produced.

Our QUANTO-4-Smartnet solution can be connected to sensors or an LPWAN through various interfaces and collect, compress, visualize and process data. So that you can use your data to your advantage.

QUANTO-4-Smartnet is designed on the SAP Cloud solution HCP, which works with the modern in-memory database HANA. The solution is divided into the central middleware, the various connection and persistence options and the services based on these.

An interface with an LPWAN or a LoRaWAN network is included. We also offer the services as an iOS app in the Apple Store. And for SAP ERP customers, there is also an SAP plug-in.

Possible applications:

  • Air quality measurements (temperatures, CO2, nitrogen oxide, fine dust)
  • Traffic flow measurements
  • Efficient parking space management (Smart Parking)
  • Efficient control of street lighting (Smart Street Lighting)
  • Fill level sensors in refuse containers
  • Asset tracking

  • Asset tracking
  • Equipping of machines
  • Eonitoring of a continuous cooling chain

  • Smart metering for electricity-gas-water-heat
  • Replacement for audio frequency remote control systems
  • Fill level monitoring of distance heating ducts

  • To avoid shutdowns
  • Lightning damage monitoring in wind turbines
  • Boilers
  • Event-controlled services

  • Ambient Assisted Living
  • Longer care in one’s own four walls with a feeling of security

  • Monitoring of door/window opening
  • Air quality in meeting rooms
  • Event-controlled deployment of service personnel
  • Measurement of public traffic

  • Asset tracking
  • Harvest logistics
  • Micro-climate data

What are your requirements? Get in touch with us. Many other applications can be delivered.


How you can use QUANTO-4-Smartnet:


QUANTO-4-Smartnet Video


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