Would you like to separate or combine SAP systems? Do you want to anonymize data in one or more systems? Then you have come to the right place. QUANTO-GO is our suite to make the transformation of your SAP systems successful. With QUANTO-GO, SAP systems can be separated or combined. In addition, individual data constructs can be transferred consistently to other systems or leading data in the system can be changed.

SLO projects can be implemented securely and efficiently. You can use the tool to transfer data constructs selectively and consistently over several SAP systems to other systems. Program codes across various systems can be compared and harmonized. In this way, you can check and analyze the use of programs to clarify compliance and risk. QUANTO-GO can be used in the context of projects.

It is also possible to purchase a license for permanent use. QUANTO-GO can be used in all SAP systems and is already pre-configured for the business content of SAP-ERP, HR, IS-U and CRM.


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